Tijuana Super Kitchen continues to be …SUPER!

Recently a local school, Cecyte Villas del Sol, joined our Tijuana super kitchen program. The school officials reported to the Tijuana kitchen staff that last semester their dropout rate was very high due to the strong economic challenges these students face every day.

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A new partner in Haiti

Almost every day in Haiti the Super Kitchen brings a new opportunity to serve – truly feeding the body and the soul. We recently added one such new partner. It is an orphanage of  about 60 children of various ages.

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A letter to the Mexicali Kitchen

Here is a recent letter that was received at the Mexicali kitchen from one of our ministry partners there. From: Migrant Shelter/Rehab  Amistad Familiar Madero.  Pastor. Alonso Parra.

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Mexicali 1000

Mexicali kitchen breaks the 1,000 meal mark

One thousand may not seem like a big deal when we talk about OTB Super Kitchens that can do over 4,000 hot meals a day but this is really HUGE!

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Tijuana kitchen plays a big role in local celebration

Recently the staff at the OTB Super Kitchen in Tijuana took a led role in a community celebration of Children’s Day. What was really great was that the staff decided on their own to donate their time to make this all happen and OTB donated all the food.

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Haiti kitchen adds more “outside”

The slogan of Outside the Bowl is “feeding the hungry .. body and soul” and that is exactly what our kitchen in Haiti is doing. Because there is so much hunger in Haiti there has always been a gathering of people every day around the kitchen in Port-au-Prince.

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